Commercial, industrial and warehousing plots


The Kaupunginhaka business area is located some two kilometres northeast from the centre of Porvoo. Connections from the area to the City centre and the motorway are excellent. The area’s character and location are ideal for both industry and commercial properties that require a lot of space. Helsinki is easy to reach via the adjacent motorway. Long-time entrepreneurs from Porvoo operate in the area, and a total of 3,000 people are already employed there, which means that you can establish a local subcontractor base there, in addition to other synergy benefits. Around 20 plots with sizes ranging from 1,500–7,500 m2 remain available in the area.


Kuninkaanportti is a hub of versatile trade close to the flow of traffic. It is located at the junction of the E18 motorway and main road 55. The area is a hub for lively commerce in many fields, and there are companies from a variety of industries, including Autotalo Laakkonen, Plantagen, K-Rauta and a Shell petrol station. The synergy benefits of the area are significant, as customers, logistics and transport are able to flow from one company to another. The cooperation possibilities are infinite, and the plots are sufficiently large for businesses that require plenty of room, as well. The area contains available plots in the range of roughly 5,000 m2 and upwards. The plots may be tailored to the customer’s needs through changes to the land use plan.


The largest oil refining and petrochemistry cluster in the Nordics is located in Kilpilahti in Porvoo. Some 3,500 people work in the area. The companies there contribute to a continuous production chain from crude oil to plastics. A local detailed plan for the area to the north of the Kilpilahti refinery area, along Nybyntie and Metsäpirtintie, is in the works. The area will be home to more than thirty new plots for commercial use, partly on land owned by the City and partly on private land. The local detailed plan is drafted to prepare for small-scale industry and subcontracting and for new industry that requires large land areas.  The area is well-connected to ports and the airport via the motorway.  The City plots will be put up for sale in 2020, at the earliest. The plots vary in size between 5,000 m² and 72,000 m².


The Ölstens business area is located approximately five kilometres from the centre of Porvoo, to the west of the City. The motorway is situated conveniently in relation to the area. Plenty of traditional industry and warehouse operations are located in Ölstens. Approximately 70 companies in very different industries currently operate in the area.  There are two available plots. The larger of the two is approximately 8,000 m2 in area.

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