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Coronavirus recommendations and restrictions

This page contains the City of Porvoo’s restrictions, recommendations and guidelines concerning the coronavirus for the city’s residents and stakeholders.

Updated on June 30th, 2022

Many of the City’s services are being provided as normal, although certain protective measures are in place and some restrictions apply. Information about the City’s services can be found on the City’s website under each specific service.


  • The City of Porvoo recommends that all people aged 12 or older wear masks inside all public buildings and on public transport if it’s impossible to avoid near contact with others.
  • The use of facemasks is strongly recommended in social welfare and health care facilities. The staff members will provide guidance to customers on how to wear a mask. You should bring your own mask, but social welfare and health care facilities can also provide one, if necessary.
  • The use of facemasks is strongly recommended to all visitors aged seven or older in care homes and rehabilitation wards.

Information about local and nationwide restrictions and recommendations