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You can find your certificate of COVID-19 vaccination, certificate of a COVID-19 test result, and certificate of recovery from COVID-19 on My Kanta. Vaccination information is transferred to My Kanta in about a week from a vaccination.

The COVID certificate has two functions. It serves as a COVID-19 passport in Finland and can also be used when travelling. You can show your certificate electronically on a device or as a printout.

You can get your certificate by logging in to My Kanta (Omakanta), for example with your online banking ID or a mobile certificate.

COVID-19 certificate without My Kanta

If you do not have access to My Kanta, you can get a printout of the certificate from Näsi Health Centre. You can pick it up from the information desk Mon–Fri 8.00–15.00 by showing your identity card. Please be prepared to wait as there may be a queue to the printer.

Alternatively, you can request a copy of your certificate by calling +358 (0)40 145 5000 and picking it up from the information desk by showing your identity card.

COVID-19 vaccine certificate for 10–17-year-olds

  • only for COVID-19 vaccination
  • a child can get the certificate themselves or with the help of a guardian
  • a guardian can get the certification without the child by either acting on behalf of another person ( or bringing their own and the childs Kela-card or similar identification.
  • the information of a child’s vaccination can also be added to the guardians My Kanta information. Send a request per e-mail to Include the child’s name, birthday and vaccination date, and the guardian’s phone number. For security reasons, do not include the child’s complete social security number.

If your vaccination certificate is missing in My Kanta

If you need a vaccination certificate for example for a trip but it doesn’t show in your My Kanta information, please contact the vaccination helpline +358 (0)40 145 5000. The number has a call back service.

If your information has not registered at all, we are able to register them. If the information is only partially missing, i.e. one of your vaccine doses doesn’t show, we might not be able to register it immediately. The process will be done via the provider of the patient data system and there might be a delay.

If we are unable to form a certificate in My Kanta, we will write a THL vaccination certificate at the Näsi health service station. We will also print out a vaccination certificate for you.

COVID-19 certificates issued outside of the EU

COVID-19 certificates issued outside of the European Union are eligible as covid certificates in Finland.