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Vocational rehabilitation services

The purpose of rehabilitative work is to help the long-term unemployed find employment. Vocational rehabilitation services also include pay subsidy, work try-out, individual coaching and obligatory employment. The services are free of charge.

Rehabilitative work

Rehabilitative work is organised 1–4 times a week, 4 hours a day, for at least 3 consecutive months. The service is personalised to meet your goals and needs. The focus can be on organising and managing your everyday life and becoming more involved in society. The work can be either individual or group sessions. You will receive unemployment benefits for the entire period and a reimbursement of nine euros for each day you participate in rehabilitative work activities. Your travel expenses will also be reimbursed.

Rehabilitative work is a social service in compliance with the Social Welfare Act. The service is organised pursuant to the Act on Rehabilitative Work (in Finnish). Various workshops and units of the City of Porvoo provide rehabilitative work. Rehabilitative work services are also provided as purchased services by Samaria Rf, Sotek and Duunitalot.

Pay subsidy

Pay subsidy is a subsidy that covers some of the employment costs incurred by an employer when they hire an unemployed jobseeker. Employers may only receive the pay subsidy for hiring a person who has registered as an unemployed jobseeker. For you, the pay subsidy is an opportunity to find a job that you do not have all the skills and qualifications for or find employment despite a disability or illness. Consult your personal career coach to asses your situation.

Work try-out

The goal of a work try-out is to clarify your career options, assess your suitability for the job and support your return to the labour market. The City of Porvoo organises work try-outs in various fields. Work try-outs are also organised by companies, associations, organisations, foundations, government offices and workshops. A work try-out is a great option if you are an unemployed jobseeker in Porvoo and

  • want to find work
  • lack vocational training
  • want to try out a new career or industry.

Consult your personal career coach or the Labour Force Service Centre (TYP) of Eastern Uusimaa about work try-outs. Make sure you are eligible for a work try-out before applying. Work try-outs are unpaid jobs, but you can get unemployment benefits and expenses compensation for your work try-out period.

Individual coaching

The workshops of the City of Porvoo offer a systematic coaching service with social instructors. The service is personalised to the customer’s needs and goals. The goal of the service is to support and guide the customer in everyday life and employment-related matters.

Obligatory employment

Obligatory employment is a statutory service in which the city offers work, under certain conditions, to unemployed jobseekers over 57 whose eligibility for unemployment allowance ends before they turn 61. The offered employment must be fulltime work that meets the work requirement and lasts no longer than 26 weeks. An individual’s previous employment activities are taken into account in the duration of their obligatory employment, because the accrued activities reduce the required duration. The employment may only begin when the maximum term of employment security has been used.