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Dawda Jobarteh & Stefan Pasborg (DK) + Jukka Gustavson & Street Level

Liput - Biljetter

The critically acclaimed danish duo Dawda Jobarteh & Stefan Pasborg will perform at the Art Factory in Porvoo on the 26th of april. Opening act of the evening legendary Jukka Gustavson and his new band Street Level that consists of local musicians from Porvoo.

Dawda Jobarteh and Stefan Pasborg have performed as a duo for 10 years at many venues and festivals in Europe and Africa. A duo which is an unique meeting between two charismatic gentlemen from two different music cultures, and from two different continents! A melting-pot of styles mixed into an output based on mutual love for strong rhythmical shapes, beautiful melodies, and the pure energy in music!

WED 26.4.2023 19PM Dawda Jobarteh & Stefan Pasborg (DK) + Jukka Gustavsson & Street Level
Tickets 25 / 20 €

The concert is arranged by the city of Porvoo in collaboration with April Jazz Festival in Espoo.

STEFAN PASBORG (Denmark) One of the most personal and versatile young European drummers /bandleaders – from groove to abstract! Three-time Danish Music Awards-winner Stefan Pasborg is a highly energetic drummer from the melting pot of Copenhagen, and after getting a snare drum, a cymbal and a high-hat at the age of three from renowned jazz drummer Alex Riel, he has developed into a very personal musician on the European jazz scene… And has toured the most of Europe and in USA, Canada, Africa and Asia – in more than 30 countries.

DAWDA JOBARTEH (Gambia): Dawda Jobarteh was born in the Gambia in 1976 in a griot family. He started playing the drums at age seven and from age 12 he started to go and play concerts with his uncle Malamin Jobarteh and his cousins Pa Bobo Jobarteh and Tata Dindin Jobarteh’s Salaam Band. Around this time he also started to teach tourists playing the drums. In 1996 Dawda was on his first tour outside West Africa in France and Germany, and in 1997 he was on a big tour arranged by WOMAD. In 1999 Dawda moved to Denmark where he is still living. In Denmark Dawda took up his family instrument, the kora and little by little made it his main instrument. Today Dawda is mainly a kora player and composer inspired by both traditional and modern West African music as well as influences from all over the world.

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