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Social services

We are here to support you in difficult life situations when you struggle to find help elsewhere. Social services workers help you with issues such as finances, family problems, homelessness, employment, life management, substance abuse and interpersonal issues.

Social workers and counsellors work together with you, your loved ones and other professionals. Social services strengthen your resources. Together with you, our workers make an assessment of your service needs and your client plan, so you can move forward and get the right kind of support. They are involved in the creation of an activation plan to support your employment and life management.

In addition, social workers and counsellors:

  • Provide social and economic support in crisis situations.
  • Motivate and guide towards rehabilitation, employment or sobriety.
  • Support and guide in financial difficulties, issues in life management and housing problems.
  • Provide counselling regarding social security benefits and social services.
  • Encourage you to participate in activities that promote well-being, such as cultural and leisure activities, associations and volunteering.

Counselling for adults

Tel. 019 520 3400 exceptionally Mon–Fri 9 am – 15 pm.


The infopoint is open Mon-Fri 12 pm – 3 pm.

Counselling for families with children

Tel. 040 673 5882 Mon–Fri 9–15

Evening time and weekends

Social and Crisis Emergency Service in the Eastern Uusimaa
Tel. 040 517 4194
Nordenskiöldinkatu 20 A, 06100 Porvoo 

Shelter for victims of domestic violence 24/7

Tel. 0400 664 932 Read more here