Mobile food premises

Start of operations

Guidelines to actors delivering food to customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The food business operator shall submit a written notification of the new food business premises to the relevant municipal food control authority no later than four weeks prior to start-up. The requirements set for the food premises are based on national and EU food hygiene legislation.

Notification of mobile food premises is dealt with by the municipal supervisory authority in whose territory the operation is to be started. The guidelines and requirements for food premises shall apply to mobile food premises. The notification shall be accompanied by a layout of the premises and a list of equipment. The municipal supervisory authority will give a certificate to the operator of the food premises indicating that the notice is being handled. A fee is charged for handling the notification.

The food premises must have an adequate self-monitoring risk management control plan. The food premises making the notification may provide the self-monitoring control pan to the authorities prior to the initial inspection, but it is not mandatory. A written self-monitoring plan must be ready for the food premises inspection at the beginning of operations. The adequacy of the plan will be evaluated in connection with the food premises inspection.

A notification regarding the control at point of entry for imported food of animal origin must be made to the Finnish Food Authority.

Instructions concerning the health status assessments of people handling foodstuffs

Notification of sales operations

A notification of operation regarding the sale and processing of food from a mobile premises must be made on a case-by-case basis to the municipal supervisory authorities in whose territory the activity is to be carried out. The notice must be provided to the authorities no later than four working days before the notified start of operations. Processing the notification is free of charge. The notification is made using the form below and must be delivered to the City of Porvoo Health Protection by post or as an email attachment.