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Porvoon Ateria- ja puhtauspalvelut

Quality and operations

Did you know? High-quality cleaning ensures the high value and longer life cycles of facilities.

Ensuring a high-quality cleaning process is of utmost importance to both us and our clients.  We monitor the quality of cleaning every day, and we comply with the RYL2009 requirements for cleanness level. In addition, we conduct quality audits in our client facilities to ensure that our services are up to par.

High quality cleaning services are a result of constant development and professional competence. We co-operate with vocational schools and companies within the sector by testing equipment and methods, and by training employees. We want to contribute to the appreciation and development of the field by being ahead of the curve and working sustainably. We adhere to four principles: Togetherness, Courage, Responsibility and Mutual Respect.

Operating principles for Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are made up of standard cleaning and periodic cleaning. Standard cleaning means that the facilities are cleaned according to the agreed upon cleaning frequency and extent. Periodic cleaning is more extensive and less frequent. Periodic cleaning is done when standard cleaning is insufficient for the desired cleanliness level. For instance, window cleaning is part of the periodic cleaning procedures.

The operational area of the Cleaning Services is divided into four parts. Every area has its own team leader. The team leader is responsible for the cleanliness level together with the client manager.

Our client satisfaction is high, and our personnel is committed to high-quality work. We work hard to be the best, every day of the week, in accordance with our strategy.