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Porvoon Ateria- ja puhtauspalvelut

Development and cooperation

We clean the schools and day care facilities of Porvoo, as well as the swimming hall. We work in facilities where co-operation with users is of utmost importance. Cleanliness requires constant care and co-operation. We work to ensure high-quality customer service throughout the organization.

High quality is a result of constant development and professional competence. We work together with the vocational school Careeria. We train tens of students within the cleaning service sector yearly. Many of our internship students become cleaning experts in our employ after their studies.

We want to be an attractive employer and a forerunner within the sector. That is why networking and exchanging ideas with other professionals is important for us.

Our development is experimental, and we cast aside preconceptions. We know from experience that robot vacuums are a good investment to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and well-being. Robot vacuums are excellent in spaces with few pieces of furniture. They are great at keeping the floors dust-free.

We train our employees and develop our operations constantly. For instance, we arrange a yearly convention for our employer where we get together to learn. A summery event with partners is a great way to learn new things!


Give us feedback and let us know what we can improve.