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Porvoon Ateria- ja puhtauspalvelut

Ingredients and recommendations

The child eats what it likes. Likes what it knows. Knows what it is frequently offered. (


We favour domestic ingredients, and we aim to use more local and organic products. We emphasize homegrown ingredients in our procurements, while respecting tje Act on Public Procurement. We serve ecologocal milk and buttermilk with the meals. We use 100 5 domestic meat. We serve fish 1-2 times a week. A vegetarian meal option is served every day in schools. You can build your own salad from the different options we serve.


Our menu planning is based on the nutrition and food recommendations by the National Nutrition Council. The recommendations are adapted to different age groups and dietary needs. The most important parts of nutrition are a regular dietary schedule, a balanced diet and that the amount of food corresponds to your energy needs.

School lunch makes up 1/3 of child’s recommended nutritional intake.