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Porvoon Ateria- ja puhtauspalvelut

Central kitchen

The most ecological cooking way by far

The central kitchen began operating in Porvoo in 2017. The central kitchen prepares 10 000 food portions every day. We can cater to all allergies and special diets. The central kitchen supplies over 400 special diet meals every day.

Simple and easy food preparation lightens the kitchens’ load and saves resource, without compromising quality and taste. In the cook and chill process the food is cooked by adding all the ingredients in a farm and adding a sauce or a broth. The food is then refrigerated and stored in cold before being delivered to the service kitchens, where it is heated up. The service kitchens then cook the food to serve, add possible side dishes and assembles the salads.

The central kitchen’s method of cold preparing the food is the most ecological cooking way by far. The food is prepared cold at the central kitchen, using high-quality ingredient, and is then sent to the service kitchens where the food is cooked before serving. The food is not cooked and chilled at the central kitchen, and then re-heated at the service kitchens. This cook-chill method is widely used in Finland.

The food is packed into kitchen forms made of cardboard, which minimizes the use of water and cleaning agent, since there is no need to clean the steel forms. The used cardboard forms are used for thermal energy in Kotka.

The central kitchen’s refrigerators use carbon dioxide, which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of one, as their refrigerant. The more common refrigerants can have GWP values of up to 3600, meaning that their environmental impacts are thousandfold in relation to carbon dioxide.

The central kitchen has solar panels installed on the roof, and the energy they supply is used effectively. The heat from the apparatus is also used in the process.