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Entrepreneurship as an option

Are you interested in becoming entrepreneur? If you are a job seeker, ask for help from your personal career coach. Posintra is a local development company in the Eastern Uusimaa that advises budding entrepreneurs. Here some tips on how to get started.

  • Contact your personal career coach and talk about your plans.
  • Check Posintra’s web page for budding entrepreneurs. Once you have a business plan, you can make an appointment with Posintra.
  • You can also call Enterprise Finland Telephone Service for advice.
  • Read general instructions for entrepreneurs and startup grant on the TE Services website. In general, a startup grant will not be granted if full-time entrepreneurship has started before the the decision on granting a startup grant. In Porvoo, please contact your personal career coach soonest.

Do not hesitate to contact your career coach or Posintra to learn more!