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Employment Services

The Employment Services of the City of Porvoo offer you comprehensive guidance for finding work. We will help you explore your opportunities in working life. We will help you improve your jobseeking skills. We will advise you on how to find open positions and refresh your skills. We will offer you individualised return-to-work rehabilitation services. Our purpose is to get everyone to participate in working life. We also advise companies, associations and the City’s divisions in matters such as pay subsidies, work try-outs and apprenticeships, among other topics.

Local government pilot brings some customers from the TE Office to the City of Porvoo

Porvoo participates in a local government pilot project on employment from 1 March 2021 to 30 June 2023. In the pilot, the staff or the TE Office moved to the City of Porvoo, and almost 2,600 unemployed persons who were customers of the TE Office previously became customers of the City’s Employment Services. The goal of the pilot is to:

  • improve the employment rate of unemployed jobseekers as well as their access to education or other services
  • introduce new solutions for the availability of skilled workforce
  • bring employment, social and healthcare services closer together for the benefit of the customer.

What to do if you become unemployed

Register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office latest on the first day of unemployment. You can register online via the E-services or using a paper form. Once registered, the TE Office will assign you to either the City of Porvoo or the local TE Office. They both provide the same employment and economic services. Read more on what to do if you become unemployed.

Do you need help with jobseeking?

You will be assigned a personal career coach who will help you with jobseeking. They will prepare an employment plan with you, review different options for finding a job and give advice on how to use public services. Your personal career coach will maintain regular contact with you. If you need to contact your personal career coach, you can submit a contact request via the E-services or you can send email. If you do not have the email address, please send your message to

Ohjaamo, for persons under 30

Ohjaamo offers you information and guidance about education opportunities and choosing a profession, jobseeking and income, housing, smooth everyday life and finances, well-being and leisure opportunities. You can receive individual support for various life stages, and you can also join specific group activities.

Jobseeking services

Would you like to develop your skills during a work try-out or pay-subsidised work? We will help you with jobseeking and look for suitable jobs for you. The services are intended for unemployed jobseekers living in Porvoo.

Job search training

Job search training will teach you how to compose a job appliction and CV and how to look for work independently. Read more

Services for long-term unemployed

We offer cross-sectoral social, healthcare, rehabilitation and education services to those who have been away from working life for a long time. The services include rehabilitative work, cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment and support for your well-being.