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Tips for job search

What services can I get from the employment services? How do I register as a jobseeker? How do I make a CV? Where can I apply for a job or a study place?

On this page you will find tips on job search and up-to-date information on training and employment opportunities. Together with your self-coach, you will draw up an employment plan to identify your job search opportunities and needs.

You can subscribe to the Porvoo Employment Services’ tips letter directly to your email.

Always remember to inform your self-coach of any changes in your job search – such as employment, studies, self-employment, caring for your family – and keep your contact details up to date, for example via the Job Market E- services.

How to register as a jobseeker

Job search

Where can I find a job?

There are many different ways and channels to look for jobs.

For example, you can find jobs in

  • job sites
  • social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • recruitment events
  • your own networks: friends, acquaintances, old colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbours, etc.
  • advertisements in newspapers, magazines and free magazines

If you would like to work for a particular employer, you can always contact the employer you are interested in directly to see if they have any vacancies. A large number of jobs are not advertised on job search sites. It is worth enquiring about these hidden jobs, for example through open applications on employers’ websites or by email.

Vacancies are often advertised on employers’ own websites or on various job search sites. For example, you can search for vacancies on the sites listed below.

Basic information about your CV and job application

To apply for a new job, you need documents that are a key part of the job search process. When you apply for a job vacancy, you need job application documents, such as an up-to-date CV (curriculum vitae) and a job application. The purpose of job application documents is to convince the employer that you would be a good candidate for the vacancy.

A CV is a summary of your work experience, education, skills and other qualifications. A good CV tells the employer about your qualifications for the job effectively and clearly.

A good job application is clear, interesting, concise and relevant to the role and requirements described in the job advertisement.

If you don’t know where to start, you can look at examples of different templates and templates. You can read more by clicking on the links below.

You can also bring your application to the Porvoo Employment Services helpdesk and update your details together with the service adviser.

Education and studying

Through you can plan your studies and apply for training. You can find information on different types of training, joint applications and selection tests.

TE services education and training guidance

Education and training guidance is a nationwide counselling service of the TE services, where you can get information and help on, for example, applying for education and training, the content of studies, different occupations and fields of work, and funding opportunities for studies. – Education institution for young and adult people

Careeria is a VET provider in Uusimaa region on the south coast of Finland. There you can study for a profession, additional or continuing vocational education, for a change of profession or to achieve career progress. Careeria operates in Vantaa, Kerava, Helsinki, Porvoo and Askola.