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Recruitment with our help

The employment services offer various services and forms of financial support for employing unemployed jobseekers.

The City of Porvoo’s employment services offer various employment opportunities for companies, foundations and associations. With part of the TE services being transferred to Porvoo’s employment services through the local government pilot on employment, the municipality can provide work experience and wage subsidy opportunities for companies.

Employers can receive financial support for the wage costs of unemployed jobseekers in the form of a state wage subsidy.

Guidance on the pay subsidy for employers

More information about employment opportunities

Pay subsidy

The pay subsidy reform will enter into force on 1.7.2023.

A pay subsidy is an economic benefit granted to employers for partially covering the payroll costs of an unemployed jobseeker. The employer can only receive a pay subsidy for hiring a person who has registered as an unemployed jobseeker. With the help of the pay subsidy, a jobseeker can also obtain the kind of work for which their professional skills are not quite sufficient, or they have a disability or illness that affects the performance of tasks.

Pay subsidy is always 50 % of payroll costs, regardless of the duration of unemployment. The duration of unemployment affects the duration of the pay subsidy. If the person has been unemployed for less than 12 months, pay subsidy can be granted for five months. If the person has been unemployed more than 10 months, the subsidy can be granted for 10 months. The maximum amount of pay subsidy is 1 260€ per month.

An employer cannot receive pay subsidy for the same person until three years have passed since the end of the previous pay subsidy.

The pay subsidy for a person with reduced working capacity is 70 %, for 10 months. The duration of the aid can be extended by a maximum of 24 at a time, if the requirements are fulfilled.

An association, a foundation or a registered religious community can be granted a 100 % pay subsidy for 10 months for non-economic activity. This is affected by the duration of unemployment.  The maximum amount of pay subsidy is 2 020€ per month.

The pay subsidy period can be extended by up to 24 months for unemployed persons over 60 years for the same employment relationship.

The subsidy for apprenticeship training can be granted for the entire duration of the training.

Work try-out

The goal of a work try-out is to clarify a jobseeker’s career options, assess their suitability for the job and support their return to the labour market. The person may be lacking vocational training or they may be planning to change careers. In this case, the goal is to find out if the jobseeker is interested in a specific field or profession or if they are feasible for the person.

Work try-outs are unpaid jobs, but the jobseeker can receive unemployment benefits and compensation for expenses for their work try-out period. As such, the employer will not incur payroll costs for the work try-out.

The duration of the work try-out varies from 2 weeks to 12 months as the customers’ situations and goals for the try-out also vary. The maximum duration of a work try-out with the same employer is 6 months.

  • feel like you need support for returning to the labour market.
  • lack vocational training
  • are planning to change careers

You can seek a work try-out via your personal career coach for the local government pilot or the Eastern Uusimaa Labour Force Service Centre (TYP).