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Employment services in Porvoo

As a result of the local goverment pilot in employment, some of the TE Office’s services were transferred to municipalities from 1 March 2021.

Work try-out

The goal of a work try-out is to clarify a jobseeker’s career options, assess their suitability for the job and support their return to the labour market. The person may be lacking vocational training or they may be planning to change careers. In this case, the goal is to find out if the jobseeker is interested in a specific field or profession or if they are feasible for the person.

The City of Porvoo organises work try-outs in various fields. Work try-outs are also organised by companies, associations, organisations, foundations, religious communities, government offices and workshops.

The duration of the work try-out varies from 2 weeks to 12 months as the customers’ situations and goals for the try-out also vary. The maximum duration of a work try-out with the same employer is 6 months.

A work try-out is a great option if you are an unemployed jobseeker in Porvoo and

  • lack vocational training
  • are planning to change careers
  • feel like you need support for returning to the labour market.

Work try-outs are unpaid jobs, but the jobseeker can receive unemployment benefits and compensation for expenses for their work try-out period. As such, the employer will not incur payroll costs for the work try-out.

Pay subsidy

The pay subsidy is financial support provided from the government that is provided for the costs of hiring an unemployed jobseeker.

The pay subsidy is granted to promote jobseekers’ employment.

It can also be granted for part-time employment, which may be useful for employing persons with reduced ability to work. At the moment, the pay subsidy can be granted for a maximum of 12 months to cover 30%, 40% or 50% of the pay, depending on the overall situation of the unemployed jobseeker. In some cases, an association, foundation or registered religious community may receive a pay subsidy for 100% of the payroll costs.

Obligatory employment

Obligatory employment is a statutory service in which the City offers work, under certain conditions, to unemployed jobseekers over 57 years whose eligibility for unemployment allowance ends before they turn 60 years. The unemployment allowance may be income-based allowance from an unemployment fund or basic allowance from Kela. The offered employment must be fulltime work that meets the work requirement and lasts no longer than 26 weeks. An individual’s previous employment activities are taken into account in the duration of their obligatory employment, because the past activities reduce the required duration. The employment may only begin when the maximum term of employment security has been used.

Services of the wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa

Social and health services transferred from the City of Porvoo to the wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa on 1 January 2023

Labour Force Service Centre (TYP)

These services can help you if you need individualised support for employment. With the services, you can chart your personal obstacles to employment and your opportunities for rehabilitation, education and employment. You will be working with professionals from various sectors, such as employment experts, social instructors, social workers, public health nurses or Kela’s rehabilitation counsellors.

Work rehabilitation services

Rehabilitative work is based on the Act on Rehabilitative Work. Rehabilitative work is offered based on the person’s service needs. It is included either in the activation plan or the cross-sectoral plan for employment. Rehabilitative work services are granted by a representative of the social services. Rehabilitative work is arranged for persons aged 17–64 who have been unemployed for a longer time and for whom other measures are not feasible. Rehabilitative work aims to reinforce the customer’s life management, readiness for employment, and management of work or studies, and creates conditions for finding employment, education or services that promote employment.

Social rehabilitation is a social service under the Social Welfare Act. The purpose of the service is to support and maintain well-being, reduce inequality and promote inclusion.

Health check-ups for unemployed persons

The objective of health check-ups for the unemployed is to promote your health and well-being as well as your working and functional ability during your unemployment..