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Ideas made real

What service, improvement or matter could Porvoo benefit from? Submit your idea to Porvoo municipality and vote for your favourite ideas during autumn 2023.

Vote on ideas on September 14th to 30th

From 32 of the 382 ideas from the inhabitants of Porvoo have now proceeded to the voting. You can vote on ideas by using 40 000 euros on one or many ideas. You can vote only once between September 14th and 30th. Order your voting link to your e-mail address.

You can also vote at the libraries or Service Point Compass.

All suggested ideas have been evaluated

382 ideas were received. All ideas have been evaluated in stages, and ideas have been connected to each other. The list contains all the ideas, their descriptions and evaluation in the original language, which also shows if the idea is connected to another.

Ideas made real – Porvoos first participatory budgeting

The budget for idea implementation for the first participatory budgeting pilot in Porvoo is 40 000 euros. The budget can include multiple ideas.

Participatory budgeting allows citizens to participate in the planning and decision-making of the municipality’s economic processes and resource allocation, as well as help develop the municipality’s services. Participatory budgeting is based on the Local Government Act, which states that local councils must ensure that there are diverse and effective opportunities for participation, for instance, by arranging opportunities to participate in the planning of the municipality’s finances.

During the summer, citizens, summer residents and people with an interest in Porvoo can submit ideas. After that the ideas are evaluated, cultivated and combined before voting begins in the autumn. The ideas that gather the most votes are implemented in late autumn 2023.

Phases of the participatory budgeting process

1. Submit your idea 19.6.–15.8.2023.

During the brainstorming phase you are free to brainstorm. The purpose if the brainstorming phase is to find as many ideas as possible, and to gather ideas to make Porvoo an even better city for all of us to live in.

You can submit your ideas as an individual, a group, a society or a company. Porvoo residents and everyone who is interested in improving the municipality are welcome to submit ideas.

To be eligible for voting, ideas must fulfil the evaluation criteria. The main criteria are that ideas are within the municipality’s powers to implement, they are non-profit, have a maximum budget of 40 000 euros and do not cause significant yearly upkeep costs. Additionally, the ideas submitted for this year’s participatory budgeting should be possible to implement during October–December.

The name of the person who submitted the idea will not be published alongside the idea. You can leave your contact information, so that the evaluation group can request additional information if needed.

Ideas can be submitted online by using an electronic form, or at the libraries or Service Point Compass.

2. Review

The municipality will review all submitted ideas. Ideas can be combined and cultivated before the final voting phase. During this process a preliminary budget and possible implementation timeline are ironed out for the proposals in question. Here, the ideas that do not meet the evaluation criteria are disqualified. The evaluating group consists of experts from the municipality as well as representatives from the Elderly Citizens Council, Council on Disability and Youth Council.

3. Voting 14.9.–30.9.2023.

During voting you can vote for your favourite ideas that fit the overall participatory budget. The ideas with the most votes will be implemented. You can view the results on the voting page after voting has ended.

4. Implementation 1.10.–31.12.2023

The ideas to be implemented are selected on basis of the voting, considering the allocated budget. Ideas are implemented during 2023.