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Assessment Criteria

What kinds of ideas can be selected for the voting phase in participatory budgeting?

The ideato be implemented must

  • comply with Finnish law and be in line with the values and strategy of the City of Porvoo
  • be within the City´s jurisdiction
  • be implementable in Porvoo and benefit several people
  • increase cooperation opportunities between different parties
  • be implementable with a participatory budgeting of 50.000€
  • be intended for a non-profit purpose for the public good
  • be feasible by the end of the year 2024
  • be in accordance with the valid urban plan or other valid decisions of the city
  • not to significantly increase the annual recurring costs of the city

Participatory budgeting

  • can promote participation and voluntary work
  • can be part of a larger project or can be implemented in cooperation with other parties
  • can fund activities or services of fixed-term duration
  • can not implement ideas that have other city funding
  • can not be used to hire permanent employees
  • can not be used to finance the same activity for which the city has granted a grant

Participatory budgeting is not a grant granted by the City.

If funding for the proposal has already been reserved in the City budget, it will not proceed to the vote.