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Labour Force Service Centre (TYP)

The cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment, the Labour Force Service Centre (TYP), aims to promote the employment of its customers. It offers them municipal social and healthcare services, public employment and business services and Kela’s rehabilitation services based on their individual service needs. The services are available by appointment.

The Eastern Uusimaa Labour Force Service Centre (TYP) offers personalised guidance and counselling for finding employment. The services will be based on your situation, goals and wishes.

In the cross-sectoral services at TYP, you can plan a selection of services that works for you together with the municipality, employment authorities and Kela. The service selection may cover health examinations, an assessment of your ability to work, support for life management or matters related to rehabilitation.

The Eastern Uusimaa Labour Market Service Centre is operating in Porvoo, Askola, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa, Myrskylä, Pukkila and Sipoo. The TYP service is based on the Act on Cross-Sectoral Joint Service Promoting Employment, in particular.

The Porvoo Labour Market Service Centre is also involved in the local government pilot for employment. If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, you and your personal career coach can discuss if TYP would be a suitable service for you.

The services are available by appointment.

Contact information of TYP staff

Ollikainen, Juha – Job coach

Vilkko, Matias – Job coach

Contact information of the wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa