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What to do if you become unemployed

Register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office at the latest on the first day of unemployment. You can register online via E-services or using a paper form. Once registered, the TE Office will assign you to either the unemployment services of the City of Porvoo or the local TE Office. They both provide the same TE Services.

Please report via E-services if your contact details change or you start work or studies or want to contact your designated worker.

Apply for unemployment benefits

  • Report that you want to apply for unemployment benefits. This is done as part of your registration as an unemployed jobseeker.
  • The TE Office will verify whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits and prepare a statement. The TE Office then sends the statement to Kela or your unemployment fund, depending on whether you are a customer of an unemployment fund.
  • Kela or your unemployment fund will check the other terms and conditions of unemployment benefits, such as the personal liability period.
  • Kela or your unemployment fund will issue a decision on unemployment benefits. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal it and provide additional clarifications.
  • Fill in the unemployment status report, i.e. report the days on which you have been unemployed. Submit the report to Kela or your unemployment fund.
  • Kela or your unemployment fund will pay unemployment benefits to you.

Need advice?

The TE Office’s national telephone service:

  • general advice Mon–Fri 9 am–4:15 pm
  • telephone service for personal customers in Finnish +358 (0)295 025 500, in Swedish +358 (0)295 025 510, in English 0295 020 713, in Russian +358 (0)295 020 715
  • unemployment security advice +358 (0)295 020 701
  • advice on education and training +358 (0)295 020 702
  • career guidance Mon–Thu 12 noon–4 pm, career guidance psychologist +358 (0)295 020 720