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Studies as a way to a new job

Are you unemployed and missing education, do you want to change career, need further education to strengthen your position in working life or are you an immigrant? Please contact your personal career coach if you are planning to start studies. You have various opportunities.

There are several educational institutes in Porvoo, which offer formal education programmes such as vocational studies, further education, apprenticeship training or higher education. You can also increase your skills in a community college. Please discuss with your career coach to find out how studies affect your unemployment benefit.

Training for immigrants

Integration training gives adult immigrants better possibilities of accessing vocational training and working life and becoming a part of Finnish society. Please contact our service desk for immigrants MOI. The vocational school Careeria in Porvoo offers preliminary education for basic vocational education (VALMA), a combination of vocational and integration education and vocational training in various fields.