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Afternoon activities alongside the Art School’s curriculum. Art is the language of learning and the child uses their mother tongue and is understood.


  • to guarantee the child a safe and secure afternoon
  • to give the child the opportunity to experience success
  • to facilitate the opportunity to make new social connections
  • to offer fresh and challenging activities
  • to provide time for rest

Actvity Times

We play, move around, go out, take trips, make art, bake, read, rest, do homework and take a bite to eat.
In Konstikas, we take into account the childs wishes.

Konstikas is open every school day from 7.30 until 17.00. During the times agreed between the parents and the school, the child is welcome to attend Konstikas and the staff will monitor these times.

Winter, summer and autumn activities are not normally held in Konstikas but exceptions may occur. Under these circumstances the Art School will inform parents in due time.


  • Swedish and Finnish speaking Afterschool Leaders
  • The Art Schools teachers


160 euros per month.