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Tuition Fees

Basic Studies and Workshops

Introductury Studies between the ages of 3-5 and Intermediate Studies between the ages of 6-10: 2 hours per week, 130 €/semester (260 €/year) 
Intermediate Studies for 11 years old (mini-workshops): 3 hours per week, 170 €/semester (340 €/year) 
Advanced Studies in workshops: 3 hours per week, 170 €/semester (340 €/year) 

Art’s n’ Music School 

Family Groups between the ages of 0-3 + parent: 60 mins per week, 170 €/semester (340 €/year) 
Ages between 3-9: 2 hours per week, 170 €/semester (340 €/year) 
Art School’s and Art n’ Music School’s registration fee is 20 €. New students pay the registration fee with the first semester tuition fee. The registration fee is a one time fee and entitles the student to three lessons.

Konstikas – Afternoon Open Art Club

160 € per month