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Digital Support

What is Digital Support?

Digital Support is help in the use of electronic services and appliances and its goal is to support the city’s inhabitants’ independent and safe use of devices and electronic services. Digital Support can vary from hints for using electronic services to installing and setting up of applications.

Digital Support provides advice and help in how you can use your computer, mobile telephone, portable digital device and digital services. Digital Support can consist of a course in how a specific device or service is used, a reservation for counseling or personal help. Digital Support is available both for the customer’s own device and borrowed devices. You can contact Digital Support through the internet, by telephone or on-site visiting in person.

The Digital Support Customer Advisor supports you in the use of electronic services, finding the appropriate service and basic use of apparatuses, but Digital Support does not entail repairing of broken devices. The Digital Support Customer Advisor can not act in the customer’s place or handle internet bank codes or other logging in information. You must not share your personal usernames and passwords with the Digital Support Customer Advisor.

You can benefit from Digital Support for instance at a service point, joint service locations, institutes for free learning, libraries, from friends or volunteers, through associations, organisations or companies. Digital Support can also be called for instance Digital Counseling or Digital Help.

City of Porvoo Digital Support

We provide Digital Support in English at the Service Point Compass. Please check our operating hours and contact information from the Service Point Compass webpage.

Enhance your own digital skills in learning-by-doing!

There are plenty of practical webbsites where you can find hints and tips on how to enhance your won digital skills. Below are a few examples of resources to self-enhance your digital skills.