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Voting in Participatory Budgeting is completed – 9 ideas proceed to implementation

The vote on participatory budgeting closed before Easter. As a result of the vote, the City of Porvoo will implement 9 ideas during this year. The total cost estimate for implementing the ideas is 47 500 euros.

Valokuvassa kaksi tyttöä syö jäätelöä joen rannalla.

Restoration of the disc golf area in Hornhattula received the most votes. The implementation of the idea costs about 3 000 euros and it received 255 votes.

The most expensive idea that proceeds to implementation is August evening. The implementation estimate is 15 000 euros and the idea received 216 votes.

As a final proposal, an idea called Drum Club for children with developmental disabilities will be implemented for 2 500 euros.

Ideas to be implemented during the rest of the year, their cost estimate and number of votes:

  • Restoration of the disc golf area in Hornhattula – (3 000 €) 255 votes
  • Wood storages at the lean-to-shelter by the Humla route – (2 500 €) 249 votes
  • Morning exercise – (1 000 €) 229 votes
  • August evening (15 000 €) 216 votes
  • Visual arts club for children with special needs – (2 500€) 211 röster
  • Water aerobics video equipment – (10 000 €) 209 votes
  • Baltic Sea Day event – (6 000€) 204 votes
  • Public swimming pool hair dryer – (2 500€) 200 votes
  • Drum club for children with developmental disabilities – (2 500€) 192 votes

More than a thousand voters cast a total of about 5 000 votes

39 ideas were included in the participatory budgeting vote. Before qualifying, there were 178 ideas. In the vote, each voter could spend a total of €50 000 on implementing ideas at different prices. Thus, each voter was able to spread their votes across several different ideas.

– Voting was lively again. The proposal with the most votes received 255 votes and the idea with the fewest votes received 8 votes, says Maija Eklöf, Participation Coordinator.

This year, vote results emphasize Porvoo residents’ desire to exercise, spend time outdoors, experience together and create. The implementation planning of the selected ideas will begin immediately in the spring and they will be communicated during the year. All given ideas are known in the divisions and may be part of future plans.