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Porvoo By Pictures
Porvoo Museum 125 Years
3rd June – 21st August 2022

The narrow alleys of the Porvoo Old Town, factory workers at their machines, crowds on the town square – all of this and much more is preserved in the picture archive of the Porvoo Museum.

Porvoo By Pictures exhibition uses old photographs to introduce Porvoo and the lives of its inhabitants from the past 125 years. The exhibition is part of the Porvoo Museum´s 125th anniversary celebrations.

Welcome to a journey through time, to Porvoo by pictures!

Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo, Välikatu 13, 06100 Porvoo.
Open: 3rd June – 21st August 2022 Tuesday-Sunday 10am-16pm.
Closed: 24th – 25th July 2022.

Free entry.

More information: Porvoo Museum