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Digital Services

On this page You can find information about the City of Porvoo’s digital services, information on digitalisation projects and advice for using our services.

ePorvoo is our main portal for digital services, where You can find all available digital forms for access to services. The ePorvoo service currently mostly available in Finnish and Swedish.

Help & Advice

Do You need help with using our digital services?

You can see our Digital Support page for information on where to find help with digital services.

You can book a counseling session with Service Point Compass for one-on-one tutoring in using the digital services.

You can also try asking our city’s virtual customer service agent, Municipality Kate. Click on the image in Your screen’s lower right corner to engage in a discussion. If the Artificial Intelligence is unable to answer Your questions, you will be forwarded to a human customer service agent (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm).

Available Services

The City of Porvoo has several digital services available. Most service channels can be found in the ePorvoo portal. In the service, You can leave anonymous feedback, scroll among feedback left by other users and ask for advice concerning the city’s digital services.

The ePorvoo English service is currently under construction. Most services are only available in Finnish and Swedish. We apologize for possible inconveniences.

Koppari – Youth Services

Koppari gathers all services for youth in one place and it also helps you to find the right services. You can find help for instance if you are troubled with anxiety, substance abuse or are struck by a sudden crisis. Koppari also offers services if you have concerns about personal relations, have health issues or worry about economical, study or work related issues.

Digital Culture Service

The City of Porvoo has digital culture services free for anyone to enjoy on the YouTube platform. While many of the programs are in Finnish or Swedish, there are also for instance musical programs that anyone regardless of language can enjoy!

Digital Service Program 2020–2023

The Digital Service Program is a part of Porvoo City’s strategy “Porvoo of Dreams 2030”.

Digitalisation entails a shift in the culture of service productions with the increase of use of modern digital technology. Actions to enhance wellbeing for the city’s inhabitants are presented in the Digital Service Program.

The three themes in the Digital Service Program are:

  1. Knowledge-based decisions
  2. Quality of service and work efficiency
  3. Digital encounters

”Knowledge-based decisions” – this theme endorses further development of knowledge-based decision-making. We strive to have all decision-making based on timely knowledge that is widely available for the city’s organisation, holders of positions of responsibility and city residents to benefit from.

”Quality of service and work efficiency” – this theme strives to renew the city and its services open-mindendly and by applying the best practices and new technologies (such as AI, robotics and partitioned chains).

The theme ”Digital encounters” entails our new way of producing services for inhabitants. Through testing and resident involvement we decide on prioritisation of projects and trials. Our goal is to be the best municipality also in everyday life.

Each theme contains several trial examples, of which each have clearly communicated goals, actions and measuring tools. The themes of the Digital Service Program are constant throughout the period between 2022 and 2023, however in accordance with new acquiredd information and experiences from the trials, new projects are updated when needed.