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The application time has expired

The open call for art exhibitions in servicehouses in Porvoo for the year 2024 is open for solo and group exhibitions between 1st – 28th April 2023. Cultural Services is responsible for the operation.

The exhibition periods for the year 2023 are 3 months. The chosen artists will get a compensation of 250 €. The exhibition program aims to bring contemporary art experiences to those who can’t go to the museums or galleries unaided. Cultural Services together with Housing Services are responsible for the operation.

Applications must be sent as single pdf-file by 29th of April by to e-mail


Apply by filling out this form (download the form to your own computer first):

The application must be accompanied by:

  • An exhibition plan that shows the use of the space, the possible theme of the exhibition and the works on display. If the works are not ready, a work plan will suffice.
  • Curriculum vitae of the artist or group of artists.
  • Portfolio or pictures max 5 pcs.

Please merge the pdf files in to a single file before sending. Here are instructions how.

The selections are made by the exhibition committee on the basis of applications. There is no appeal.

Servicehouses in Porvoo

There are 4 service houses and one service center in different parts of the city: Palomäki service house, Johanna Home, Pääskypelto service house, Toukovuori service house and Omenamäki service center. The exhibition spaces are located in the corridors of the service houses and the target group is the elderly living in the service houses, their relatives and the staff. The exhibition period is three months and the artist is paid a hanging fee of 250 euros. No sales commission is charged for the exhibition.