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Porvoon kansalaisopisto

Porvoon kansalaisopisto KoMbi is a multilingual adult education centre that is open for all citizens. We offer affordable, high-quality courses and activities in Porvoo and Askola.

Studies at KoMbi

Porvoo adult education center offers a wide variety of courses including languages, music, theater, art, sports, IT, cooking and well-being. The majority of courses are taught in Finnish or Swedish, but there are also courses available in English.

Meeting Point

Meeting Point-courses are specifically designed for migrants and newcomers. The courses are organized during daytime and are free of charge for everyone living in Porvoo. At Meeting Point, you can study Finnish or Swedish, practice digital skills or do arts and crafts.

Discount for migrants

During the academic year 2023-2024 KoMbi offers a 50% discount on course fees for Porvoo residents who are migrants with the Hobby Pass. Contact the Porvoo integration services to get a Hobby Pass.

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