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Academic year and holidays

The start and end dates of the courses are mentioned for each course. For courses that last the entire academic year, the last meeting day of the autumn semester and the first meeting day of the spring semester are also indicated.

The holiday periods, during which no teaching is provided, are:

  • 16–22.10.2023, Mon–Sun, autumn break (Week 42)
  • 4.11.2023, All Saints’ Day
  • 6.12.2023, Independence Day
  • 22.12.2023–7.1.2024, Christmas break
  • 19–25.2.2024, Mon–Sun, winter break (Week 8)
  • 28.3.–1.4.2024, Thu–Mon, Easter

Christmas break varies by course. Check the meeting dates for your specific course on the online service or contact the teacher.