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Pre-primary education

Tuition free for six-year-olds in a kindergarten or in the preschool group of a nearby school.

Welcome to pre-primary education

Your child’s pre-primary education will begin next autumn. The objective of pre-primary education is to support your child’s growth and development and provide them with the knowledge and skills that they will need in life. In addition to this, the aim is to strengthen your child’s positive self-image and conception of themselves as a learner and support the development of social and teamwork skills. Some of the key aspects of pre-primary education are supervised and independent play and functional working methods.  

Pre-primary education staff engage in cooperation with parents and schoolteachers. When necessary, cooperation with families is also carried out with other experts.   

Pre-primary education decisions are sent to families in week 7.

Pre-primary education for all

  • Four hours daily, mainly 9-13 o’clock.
  • Starts in August when schools start.
  • Ends always 31st of May.
  • Supplementary early childhood education ends July 31st the year when compulsory education begins.