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Supporting the child in early childhood education

Mention the need for support in child’s application for early childhood education.

Lapset ja aikuiset

General support for everyone

The goal of early childhood education is to promote the child’s growth and learning. The child is provided with the necessary support as part of their daily activities in their own day-care center. Support continues from early childhood education to pre-school education.

The need for child support is assessed, planned, implemented and monitored together with the child’s guardians and early childhood education staff, as well as, if necessary, the early childhood education teacher for special needs and other experts.

Additional support

When planning an early childhood education place for a child in need of support, it is possible to assess, for example, the size of the group of children, the number of staff, the necessary aids or space arrangements. The needs of the child are taken into account in the planning and implementation of the activities.

In the early childhood education of the city of Porvoo, support is provided in kindergarten and family day care. Private day care centers or family day care providers have the opportunity to consult a special needs teacher for early childhood education.