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Income statement

For defining the early childhood education customer fee and service voycher.

New customer

  • Give permission to use the income register in DaisyFamily when the child has started in early childhood education.


  • Accept the highest customer fee on the income statement form or already when applying for early childhood education.


  • Make an income statement, attach income documents or an entrepreneur’s income statement to the income statement in eDaisy.

Submit the student’s study certificate.

If the income verification is not done during the starting month at the latest, the highest customer fee will be imposed. All customer payments are reviewed once a year.

Tell about changes:

  • If the family’s income changes at least 10 %.
  • Changes in family size.
  • Unemployment or returning to work after unemployment.
  • New pregnancy and parental allowance.
  • Paternity leave / parental leave.
  • Starting or ending studies.

Taken into account as family income, for example:

  • Taxable earnings, capital income and tax-free income of the child, guardian, person living in a joint household with them.
  • Child support.
  • Rental income.
  • Scholarship.
  • Pension.
  • Sickness benefit.
  • Forest income.
  • Pregnancy allowance.
  • Paternity allowance.