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Customer fees for early childhood education

What’s affecting: family size, family income and the selected hourly limit.

Municipal or private

Municipal early childhood education customer fees apply to children who are in municipal daycare or family daycare. If the child is in private family daycare or a private daycare center, the service provider charges a customer fee.

Customer payment instructions

The fee is charged as a monthly fee for a maximum of eleven months during the year. July is free of charge, if the child care has started in August of the previous year at the latest.

  • The fee per child is 0-295 euros.
  • The customer chooses the hourly limit / payment class from five options.
  • The customer fee is rounded to the nearest euro amount.
  • A monthly fee of less than 28 euros is not charged.
  • The highest fee is charged for the youngest child in the family.
  • The next child in age order is charged 40 % of the youngest child’s customer fee.
  • The fee for the following children is a maximum of 20 % of the fee for the youngest child.
  • A fee refund is granted for the period of quarantine imposed due to a universally dangerous infectious disease for weekdays for which days the daycare has been reserved.

If the family’s livelihood conditions are at risk because of the customer fee, please contact the kindergarten manager.