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Introductury studies

For students between the ages of 3 and 5 (Group 0) 2 lessons per week.

In the introductury studies, children are introduced to art through playful work. The teaching enriches the imagination, the senses and the expression of diverse operations.

Intermediate studies

For students between the ages of 6 and 11 (Groups 1-6) 2-3 lessons per week (total 540 h).

6-9 year olds (2 hours / week) 
Students will learn about the basic knowledge and skills in image creation. The development of visual thinking and expression are an important part of teaching. 

10-11 year-olds (3 hours / week) 
Students will learn about the artists’ work and learn to identify various art techniques. At the same time, the students learn to follow their own artistic process and express their thoughts orally, in writing and figuratively.  

Advanced studies in workshops

For students between the ages of 12-19, 3-6 lessons per week (total 760 h).

Advanced studies begin when the child is 12 years old. In the advanced studies, students are immersed in the knowledge and skills that the student received in basic education and they practice to independently express themselves visually. Teaching takes place in year long workshops chosen from the art school options. The goal is for diverse experimentation within different fields of art.

Workshops: Media art, Design, Visual arts

Art’s n’ Music School

For students between the ages of 0 and 9, 2 lessons per week

Art’s n’ Music School is a school where early childhood visual arts and music education are combined as a single entity. The most important thing in the education is experiential and integrity, combined with the joy of doing and learning. 

Other studies

The Art School organizes annually summer and weekend workshops for everyone. The courses’ content varies each year and some of them are also suitable for adults. The courses are equivalent to training in basic art education.

Art exhibitions and field trips

The Art School organizes at least one art exhibition excursion or field trip for each group. The art exhibitions are a part of the curriculum and may replace a lesson. They may also be subject to a separate payment.


The teachers discuss the completed works with the students and give feedback. The purpose of this evaluation is to support the student’s work and develop their self-confidence. Feedback is given both on the finished works as well as the work process itself, which is seen as equally important. The students are also encouraged to evaluate their own work and to reflect on how they have managed to reach their goals.


Diplomas for intermediate studies

Once the student has completed the required 540 hours of lessons according to the curriculum and constructed a portfolio of these lessons, the student will receive a written diploma of attendace from the Art School. The diploma will include written evaluations from two teachers.

Diplomas for advanced studies 

Once the student has completed the required 660 hours of lessons required for advanced studies and carried out a diploma work (100 h) on a chosen topic, the student will receive a diploma for completing the advanced studies at the Art School. The diploma will include written evaluations from two teachers as well as numeral grades. If the student decides to terminate his/her studies at the Art School or chooses not to complete the diploma work, a written reference of attendance can be obtained from the Art School office.

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